About Us

A must see for area rock fans!
Blue Sky Revival (BSR) fans will be treated to music the likes of The Allman Brothers Band, Marshall Tucker Band, Cream, CCR, Bob Seger, Traffic and Free to name a few.

BSR, this band I know of that takes rock seriously  while including a variety of rock songs from the era when guitar was king.

BSR consists of 3 ingredients:

The first is Jim Pierron.This cat has been rocking and singing since he was in diapers. Jim on bass lays out a groove so deep you can drive a truck through it.

Next we have David Will on drums/percussion and vocals.  He is a real groove drummer that is just as happy to pound out a fat, back beat as he is to scrape away at his washboard.

Last but not least on lead vocal and guitar is Frank Childress. Frank’s growling vocal style matches the rough and raw sound of his guitar, his gritty and raspy delivery will have you on your feet screaming for more.