About Us

A must see for area rock fans!
Blue Sky Revival (BSR) fans will be treated to music the likes of The Allman Brothers Band, Marshall Tucker Band, Cream, CCR, Bob Seger, Traffic and The Eagles to name a few.

BSR, the only band I know of that takes Southern rock seriously as a movement while going beyond the genre to include a variety of rock songs from the era when guitar was king.

Although Blue Sky Revival is new to the music scene they have over 100 years of rock experience between them.

BSR consists of five ingredients:

The first two are the Pierron Brothers Jim and Mike. These cats have been rocking and singing together since they were in diapers. Jim on bass lays out a groove so deep you can drive a truck through it, while Brother Mike's blazin’ guitar treats your ears to a rock and roll rollercoaster ride.

On vocals, keys and guitar is Jeff Krueger who has rocked stages all around the mid west. His heavy grinding organ brings essential grit and soulful essence to the bands performances.

Holding down the beat on drums is one of the world’s hardest working drummers, Mike Rowland. He is on and locked on for a ride down thunder road with a driving beat that will have you dancing from your head to your soul.

Last but not least on lead vocal and guitar is Frank Childress. Frank has been playing guitar and singing since he was old enough to open his mouth and pick up a pick. Frank’s growling vocal style matches the rough and raw sound of his guitar, his gritty and raspy delivery will have you on your feet screaming for more.